Trump Bump Stock Ban Raises Questions on 2A Protections

Washington, DC Washington

Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that seemed specifically designed to alienate and anger the very core of his own base; he made a sweeping ban on bump stocks for firearms.

A bump stock ban has long been advocated by the activist survivors of the Parkland shooting, and was put into motion after the deadliest massacre in modern American history when a gunman using weapons outfitted with a bump stock device killed 58 people.

The ban is already being challenged in court and has infuriated guns rights activists - a large portion of Trump's own voting base.

Trump Administration Is Set to Ban Bump Stock Devices on Guns

An administration official said on Wednesday evening that the formal ban on the devices would be introduced in the coming days to weeks.

Editorial: Finally, a bump stock ban

THE ISSUE: More than a year after the Las Vegas massacre, the Trump administration bans a key accessory the shooter used. THE STAKES: Will the ban hold, and will Congress now enact other common-sense measures? The Trump administration is doing what should have been done more than a year ago: banning a deadly device that effectively turns semiautomatic rifles into machine guns. Finally, Donald Trump is coming for your bump stocks - maybe. If only it wasn't so hard to shake the sense that this is all for show, and that gun groups like the National Rifle Association still have a few rounds in their chambers.

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