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'Trump Doesn't Care About You' Says Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen

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Michael Cohen has been pronounced guilty of many controversies and conspiracies under the Trump administration and has been sentenced to three years in prison since 2018, now released on home confinement. He has been very vocal since against the current president and even urged voters not to vote for Trump on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show

He said on the show that he sees that 38 percent of this this country, including members of congress, are falling into the trap that he had once been in and is urging them to "open up your eyes and acknowledge that Trump doesn't care about you," he said. 

"He doesn't care about your family. He doesn't care about anything other than winning this election and, in essence, becoming an autocrat, which is what he wants to be," he explained.

Cohen has released a book "Disloyal" discussing everything he had faced and dealt with as a personal attorney to president Trump.