Trump Foundation Dissolves; Money To Go To 'Reputable' Charities

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The Trump Foundation is set to be dismantled, and it's profits disseminated to other charities, as part of an agreement reached between the Trump Foundation and New York's Attorney General Barbara Underwood. AG Underwood said in a statement that the decision came following a petition the cited "a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Drumpf Foundation — including unlawful coordination with the Drumpf presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing, and much more" according to NBC News.

According to the New York Times, the suit filed by Underwood also seeks - among millions in restitution - that President Trump and his three eldest children; Eric, Don jr., and Ivanka Trump, be barred from sitting on the boards of any other New York charities.

Trump Foundation to Close Amid Lawsuit Accusing It of ‘Willful Self-Dealing’

The agreement by the Donald J. Trump Foundation follows a court decision that allowed a lawsuit brought by the New York attorney general to move forward.

Trump Foundation agrees to dissolve with judge to oversee dispersal

"Reputable" charities will receive money from the Trump family’s charitable organization, which was formed in 1987.

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