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Trump Posted a Photo of Himself as Rocky, and We're All Still Baffled

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If you're looking for something to be thankful for today, let it be the mystery of President Donald Trump's confusing tweet from November 27th. In it, the president's head sits atop Rocky Balboa's shoulders in the classic poster pose. Without a caption, the Twitterverse went wild with speculation.

Some suggested that the truly weird photo was a reflection of the President's well-documented insecurities, and some even joked with "reality versus expectation" memes criticizing his physique. Some users in the replies dismissed it as a mere ploy for attention, and still others speculated that the themes of "Rocky" reflect in Trump’s presidency ironically: Rocky Balboa is an Italian-American who defeats a Russian opponent, while Trump is white and has been criticized for ties to Russia. It might even be, as some have mentioned, a very strange stressed reaction to the recent impeachment hearings and the coming election season, which would be enough scrutiny to make anyone crack under the pressure.

Since posting the tweet, Mr. Trump has not provided any explanation for this genuinely strange Photoshop job. Maybe some mysteries just aren't meant to be solved.

Donald J. Trump's tweet from November 27th.