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Trump To Ban Chinese Catch-All App WeChat, Creating A Barrier Between Family And Friends

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Donald Trump issues an order to ban Chinese company WeChat from the US, which will cause a barrier for friends and families to communicate overseas. 

The app is not only a messaging platform but also a news source, calling platform, and a payment application. "Two friends in China right now, and if they remove WeChat, I wouldn't be able to communicate with them," said one user to CBS San Francisco. 

"hey, stop talking about tiktok, an easily replaceable social media app, and start talking about wechat, the primary (and sometimes only) method of communication between chinese american immigrants and their relatives,"  one Twitter user tweeted. 

"Actually fuming that wechat is being removed right now and no one here is talking about it because it is the main form of communication many chinese immigrants have with their extended families. to remove it feels absolutely targeted towards the chinese diaspora and we must watch," another person tweeted.

A motion was set by some users in San Francisco to block Trump's ban on the app. The motion was heard on Saturday and a decision should be released on Sunday.