Trump's Partial Shutdown Just More Abject Incompetence

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According to economists, Trump’s self-congratulatory partial government shutdown the week before Christmas could have dire consequences if he insists on keeping the country hostage to fund his ridiculous Mexican border wall.

A government shut down means that people in the branches of government currently at the end of their budget year will be effectively defunded for the length of time the abject national embarrassment of a Commander-in-Chief refuses to fund them. Those branches include the Department of Interior – which funds management for our conservation and natural resources, like making sure our drinking water isn’t contaminated – and the Department of Homeland Security, the defunding of which could reach all the way to airport closures and mail halts.

Beyond that, the shutdown could bring the IRS to a screaming halt just in time for tax season! Because the IRS can’t process tax returns if they can’t pay their workers.

The Senate passed an emergency budget that would allow these departments to continue operating, but Donald Stable-Genius Trump has decided that holding 350 million people, our money, our resources, and our safety hostage for 5 billion dollars on an overwhelmingly hated border wall proposal is the presidential thing to do.

Why Donald Trump changed his mind on the border wall (HINT: It has to do with Fox News)

Just 72 hours removed from signals being sent out of the White House that the President would sign a bill to keep the government open that did not include the $5 billion he wants for a border wall, Donald Trump reversed course Thursday -- telling Republican congressional leaders that he would not sign the short-term continuing resolution passed by the Republican-controlled Senate on Wednesday.

Here’s how a looming government shutdown could affect federal services — and stocks

Budget experts have said a shutdown isn’t out of the question, and they’ve highlighted services that could be halted.

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