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Try Home Remedies to Avoid Urine Infection Naturally

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( UTI)Urinary tract infections is one of the most common problem that occurs in women as well as in men. This UTI infection occurs when the bladder and its hose (Hollow Space) are infected by bacteria.

According to doctors, there may be several reasons for urine infections, such as due to any physical relationship without caring of your body's cleansing, holding urination for a longer period of time, diabetes, pregnancy, or menopause infections, etc.

Sign and symptoms of urine infections:-

-frequent urination

-decreased urine flow

-burning sensation during urination

-pain in the lower abdomen

-fever and vomiting

Home remedies for urine infection

Amla and cilantro (Coriander) have been reported to be the most effective treatment for urine infections. 

According to ayurveda, mix about 30 grams of Amla with 50 grams of honey and take three times a day. Doing this treatment for 7 days keeps the urine clear and reduce burning sensation.

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