Tucker Carlson Incel Dog Whistle

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New Year, new regressive hate group for Tucker Carlson to whistle at like he's trying to harass it on the street.

Last week, on a segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson implied that women in the workplace are responsible for job loss in traditionally male-dominated fields like manufacturing (as opposed to automation and outsourcing, like a stupid libdem might suggest), the corrosion of the institution of marriage (as opposed to rising living costs, shifting cultural perceptions, or the fact that marriage is deeply personal and nobody else's business like a feminazi might think), and the increase in male suicides (as opposed to how toxic masculinity's narrow view of male success in our culture negatively affects their self-esteem and puts untenable pressure on on the male psyche like a cuck femoid might think).

He specifically stated that "study after study suggests that when men make less money, women generally don't want to marry them." Of course, in true Tucker Carlson fashion, he didn't bother to pad that assertion out with sources.

Any sources.

And so, I attempted to ascertain where Tucker might have gotten this information by scouring the net for links relating to the apparent horrors that women's suffrage has meted out to the unsuspecting husband and laborer.

He may have been referring to the headline of an article from Fatherly.com, 'When Wives Earn More Than Their Husbands, Marriages Struggle,' except that the article is about how, when women earn more than their husbands, pressures from OUTSIDE the marriage - specifically out-dated gender roles and the idea of men as the 'bread winners' - is what causes strain.

When Wives Earn More Than Their Husbands, Marriages Struggle

Thanks to a combination of societal expectations and deep-set ideas about gender roles, many relationships don't fare well when the wife brings home more bacon.

It wouldn't be nearly the first time that Tucker Carlson misrepresented the contents of an article he didn't read all the way through...

In fact, every reputably-sourced article I've been able to find on the subject seems to suggest the same; society's antiquated views on inherent male versus female 'value', and the implied shame of earning less than your wife is toxic, regressive, damaging to marriages, and needs to stop.

Carlson claimed that the drop in marriage rates leads to "a spike in out-of-wedlock births and all of the disasters that inevitably follow" such as "more drug and alcohol abuse, and higher incarceration."

Again, he didn't feel the need to source any of what he was saying.

See, I tried to find ANY study to back up a definitive connection between unwed mothers and alcohol abuse and crime rates.

What I found were two articles from TheAtlantic.com discussing how that correlation is a completely false narrative from the 1980's, based on misleading numbers in order to shame and scapegoat unwed mothers.

Single Moms Can't Be Scapegoated for the Murder Rate Anymore

Homicides in D.C. have hit a historic low, while the percentage of single-parent households remains steady.

The Real, Complex Connection Between Single-Parent Families and Crime

It can't be distilled to a simple graph, but it's impossible to ignore.

Everything Tucker Carlson says is a lie. And he gets to tell lies because Tucker Carlson is not a journalist. He's not even a news anchor. Tucker Carlson is a shill; he sells a mindset, he sells a perception.

And his segment was an advertisement for malcontent misogynists to come out from under their bridges and vote republican.

If he'd come right out and called women 'roastie femoids,' he couldn't have made it any clearer who his intended audience was. With the rise in anti-feminist groups like Involuntary Celibates, Incels - who have a depressing and grotesquely distorted view of how society and relationships work - or Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) who blatantly believe that a woman's sole value is between her legs, male-supremacist online communities are an untapped new market of young voters with ideologies so conservative, they practically fell out of The Handmaid's Tale.

Male Supremacy

Male supremacy is a hateful ideology advocating for the subjugation of women.

It's really not a wonder that a feckless caricature of everything wrong with Fox 'News' and it's tenuous grasp on reality, and increasingly dubious justification for existing, would resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel to replenish the dwindling voter base of the people who write his checks.

 ( source: Reddit )



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