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Turmeric Fertilizer Management

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My name is Satish Nandgiri (48) from Village Bori Bk, Taluka Darvha, district Yavatmal. I have been cultivating turmeric for the last three years, in traditional way. I did not know anything about its scientific production technology; therefore, I was applying fertilizers in blanket way, as I wished. I joined Whatsapp farmer group of Reliance Foundation Information Service and I posted my question about basal dose of fertilizer for turmeric which was planted in July- 2019. Prof. Rajendra Jane, Expert from Reliance Foundation suggested to apply phosphatic and potassic fertilizers i.e. 250 kg SSP and 60 kg MOP per acre along with micronutrients and neem cake at planting. He further advised to apply 170 kg urea per acre in two splits after 30 days and 60 days of germination. I planted turmeric in proper time on two acre and applied fertilizer dose, as mentioned by expert. Earlier, I used to apply higher amount of fertilizers in irrelevant proportion of nutrients. So, my cost was high and production was declining. This whatsapp advice improved my knowledge about technical significance of specific fertilizers at specific time in specific quantity. Presently, I have saved about Rs. 8,000 on fertilizer as compared to my previous practice. I got good acreage i.e. 60 quintal dried turmeric of turmeric which I sold for Rs. 2,52000.