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Twitch streamers cause chaos by setting off smoke grenades indoors

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PayMoneyWubby (Dennis Richardson) and Alluux (Alex) are popular Twitch streamers who made the mistake of filling their room with a smoke grenade on a stream. PayMoneyWubby has about 400,000 followers on the platform and Alluux has about 20,000. the two of them often make funny, entertaining, and weird videos for their viewers. Recently though, Dennis surprised Alex with a smoke grenade and the stream that followed went about as well as you'd expect.

Dennis told Alex he had a surprise for her and told her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. She was reluctant at first but finally cooperated and Dennis said that what he was going to give her "might scare her". He placed the smoke grenade in her hand and gave a countdown, then triggered the device. Huge plumes of orange smoke filled the room and Dennis screamed, "Alex get it out of the house, get it out of the house!" Then the two of them ran out of the room with the grenade. Off screen you could hear the pair coughing and yelling and the smoke detectors started blaring.

They paused their stream for about 15 minutes to get reoriented and then returned to their feed wearing masks and the smoke seemed to have dissipated from the room. The two didn't seem upset about the chaos they caused and they laughed when they re-watched the clip of what had happened. They said their house had good ventilation and there weren't too many problems that arose from what they did.

Watch the full video below: