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Twitter hack case: one in three accused from Britain

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The US Department of Justice has registered a case of Twitter hack on a person living in Bognor Regis on the south coast of Britain. On July 15, the Twitter account of many big personalities of America was hacked and bitcoin was demanded from their Twitter account.

Hackers hacked accounts of former President Barack Obama, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, entrepreneur Elon Musk, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden and Hollywood star Kim Kardashian.

California authorities have filed a case against 19-year-old Maison Shepherd for committing a serious crime. Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) has confirmed that the Bognor Regis conducted an investigation with police on Friday.

A teenager from Tampa and 22-year-old Neema Faizeli of Orlando have also been booked in Florida. US Attorney David L. Anderson has said that such "criminal hacking ... whether it is done for fun or for money, it never succeeds."

David L. Anderson made the statement, "It is a misconception among the criminal hackers community that Twitter can be done without concealing or carrying out any consequences."He goes on to say, "Crimes committed on the Internet may look like it can be done by stealth, but there is nothing you can do secretly. Especially I want to tell them that to do this Thinking. You break the law and we find out and tell you

Hillsborough Attorney General Andrew Warren has filed 30 serious cases against the 17-year-old accused for 'rigging all over the United States'.These cases include cases of organized fraud and misuse of personal information.

Warren explains, "Bitcoin as a crypto currency is hard to track down and acquire after it is stolen again. These crimes have been committed using the names of big people. But they have not directly suffered from it Bitcoin has been used to cheat people from across the country and also from Florida. "

He says that, "He is only 17 years old and has recently passed high school. But do not be deceived by knowing this. He is not a normal 17 year old person. Such an attack on such a large scale has not happened before. Has been observed."

They said these conspirators have been traced by a joint effort by the US Attorney, FBI, IRS and Secret Service appointed for the Florida Department of Justice Extradition, Northern Districts of California.

Since Nabagil lives in Tampa, Florida, action is being taken on behalf of Hillsborough state officials.

Twitton said in his statement, "We appreciate the actions of the Law Department in this matter and will continue to cooperate in the matter even further. We will maintain complete transparency from our side and will continue to provide information regularly."

After the hack, Twitter had said that the hackers targeted some employees who had access to Twitter's internal systems and tools.Twitter further stated that as long as the investigation is underway, 'important steps' have been taken to restrict access to the company's internal systems and tools.