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Two Irish Women Arrested For Refusing To Quarantine After Traveling To Dubai For Boob Job

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Two women from Ireland have been arrested for refusing to quarantine after traveling to Dubai for boob jobs.

Kirstie McGrath, 30, and Niamh Mulreany, 25, were arrested Friday after their flight from the United Arab Emirates landed, the Irish Independent reported. They were arrested for breaching the country’s Health Act. They reportedly told the judge that the reason for their travel was essential, but he reprimanded them by saying that breast enhancement surgery was not essential travel.

McGrath, a mother of two, and Mulreany, a mother of one, pleaded through their lawyer Michael French to be released on bail, arguing that they were unaware of the regulations amid the pandemic.

McGrath’s lawyer contested the arrest, saying that his client had shown negative test reports and that she should be allowed to quarantine at home rather than a hotel as she had children to look after. He argued it was comparatively a minor offense, which should not lead to arrest.

The judge agreed to give the women bail but his conditions included a requirement to freeze the women’s bank accounts — which the lawyer said could not be accomplished until banks reopened Tuesday.

The women, who were ordered to surrender their passports, were allowed to be released once their bail money — about $1,000 each — was secured.

They will have to spend a full 14 days in quarantine hotel unless they provide a negative test after 10 days, the paper reported.