Two Person Fight Each Other Over A Street Parking Space

Boston, MA Allston

This evening when I walked on Harvard Avenue Street in Allston, I saw two people fight each other over a parking space. Here's how it happens: The guy found a street parking space and he was trying to reverse into that space, then a lady back behind him just got her car straightly slide into the parking space, which was really dangerous and very rude. So not surprisingly, they started a fight.

My friend and I have already been driving for about three months in Boston, and most of the time we feel that people here are still quite nice, though some taxi drivers always act a little bit harsh. But it's still understandable since they might be in a hurry. Allston is a crowded place with less parking spaces, but usually, people still quite stick to the rules and traffic signs. This is indeed the first time that I saw people fight and get off the car to yell at each other.

Life is quite difficult especially after working hard for all day long, so please guys always remember to be a little bit thoughtful to each other. It's not hard to apologize to other people if you are the person who made mistakes.


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