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UK Woman Breaches Lockdown Restrictions To Find Fit Fellas In Liverpool

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One Uk woman was caught by officers after she claimed to travel to drop her niece to another city only to get her to confess her desire to find “fit fellas.”

During the strict Uk lockdown, one woman was eager to explore the other side of the River Mersey to find herself some fine fellas. However, this required her to break the lockdown rules during the covid pandemic and get through some risky routes where she could get caught. The woman turned out to be adamant about her venture that she decided to cross the Mersey river anyway and drive to Liverpool.

Louise Whelan, 30 was caught during the initial lockdown when she explained to her office that she went on a shopping spree and to drop her niece.

Whelan’s route from Wirral to Liverpool was enough for Pc David Cullen to suspect her intentions and asked her why did he cross the river to reach here.

Whelan soon admitted that her intentions were not to go shopping and instead to look out for some fit guys.

“I wasn’t even going shopping. That was a lie.”

When confronted that this was particularly not a good excuse to break the lockdown rules, Whelan simply admitted that it was “Okay,” acknowledging that she would be fined for that reason.

Despite her reason being entirely stupid and impractical to break the covid restrictions, she went ahead with receiving a fine of whooping £339 for her actions.