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UK Zoo Sends Parrots To Detention Because The Won't Stop Swearing

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Swearing parrots don’t make for a good safari. In the UK A group of African gray parrots was quarantined together after they taught each other to swear. The birds were rather vain when the found that the zookeepers were laughing at their swearing, they began laughing at them too! Staffers have currently moved the birds to a temporary off-site enclosure, there the parrots will undergo vocal training again, as to help them forget the curse words they have been hurling at visitors over the past few weeks.

The five birds had arrived at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in August, and they have been sharing the cage since then. The park's chief executive, Steve Nichols, says that when people giggle at the bird’s use of foul language, it encourages them even more (not quite different from humans, huh?). For parrots, it isn’t rare for them to learn foul language, In fact, historically, parrots have been known to pick up vulgar words faster, as they gain a lot of attention when they use slurs. The park’s executive suggests that the birds had learned to swear over the pandemic shutdowns, hence it came as a surprise to zoo owners when the birds began using bad words before the public.

Once the birds are trained, they will be released into separate areas of the zoo, as to not encourage them to use bad words again. Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is particularly concerned about the behavior of its birds because the facility entertains several kids and families daily. Therefore their use of the wrong vocabulary can be particularly deterrent to the park’s repute.