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Ulrika Jonsson, 53, poses entirely naked in wellies for a campaign to raise awareness about men's mental health.

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Ulrika Jonsson raised awareness for a men's loss and sorrow foundation by posing naked in her garden with a wheelbarrow and wellies, and she tagged other celebrities to participate.

As she grinned at the camera with a brilliant orange flower in her hair, the 53-year-old broadcaster remarked, "it's never unmanly to talk."

The diva bared everything as she pushed a giant wheelbarrow around her garden, strategically standing to hide her modesty.

Ulrika seemed entirely at ease as she stepped into a pair of muddy wellies for the photo, which stretched back and featured two massive trees at the fence.

The former Gladiator's host flaunted her heart and sunflower tattoos in a shot snapped by a friend while her blonde hair flowed naturally about her shoulders.

Ulrika also wore a delicate silver bracelet and stud earrings, but she was otherwise bare.

"To celebrate us reaching 150k on this page, I'm baring myself for @strongmenorguk," the TV personality captioned her post.

"Text STRONG to 70085 to donate £5 to assist men in dealing with bereavement; speak up and talk about grief."

Ulrika then made a heartbreaking concluding statement, saying, "It's never unmanly to discuss."

The singer chose to suggest several additional famous acquaintances she believed might be interested in taking on the challenge. 

Among those present were Ore Oduba, Saira Khan, and James Cracknell

Ulrika concluded by saying, "no flowers were killed in the production of this," as admirers flooded the comments section with adoration.

"As a man widowed at 42 (some 12 years ago now), I had no idea such help existed," one guy said. 

If not for myself, then mainly to assist with the upbringing of our 13-year-old daughter.

"You bluster through, preserving a stiff upper-doodad and all that, but it was tricky and did appear unmanly to be seen crumbling. 

It sounds like you're doing and supporting something extraordinary, and I'd like to thank you on behalf of all widowed individuals.

"It is incredibly touching for a person like you to take the time and care. 

Special thing to do...," the star's fan wrote, to which Ulrika responded with a succession of red heart emojis.