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Unbeknownst To You, Your Data Is Being Devastatingly Compromised On Slack

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Last Wednesday, an intrusive Twitter hack forced the social media platform to lock its users out of the site. The privacy breach became a headline at all media outlets, and Twitter’s privacy woes were again, revealed to the fore. But as Twitter investigated the contravention attempt, it discovered that the hacker had not accessed the site directly, rather he had attempted to break in via a third party, that being none other than colourful, creative collaboration app ‘Slack’.

The dangers of Slack aren’t unbeknownst to the world. In fact, last year the San Francisco based company had itself warned that the app lacked security against hacking attempts. And if such a scenario is to occur, it would imbue devastating consequences as most of the discussion that goes on in the app pertains to official work and documents. 

On Slack, users can lose access to their passwords or API keys, and this could lead to unauthorized access to their accounts. As a consequence, the destruction, modification, or exfiltration of confidential corporate information can occur. Data on Slack may also provide hackers access to other private avenues. For instance, as in this situation, when hackers broke into Slack, they acquired login credentials to Twitter's admin panel, thereby causing more trouble.

Sharing confidential data on a collaboration app, so it is visible to everyone is one of the most basic, yet the most detrimental security compromise. When data is shared on Slack it can be viewed by the wrong person, thus bringing the company down in hot waters.