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Unbelievable! This Actress Allegedly Leaked Her Sex Tape For Fame

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The days of getting fame through stage school is now a thing in the past because celebrities are now increasingly opting for publicity-enticing gimmicks to make their way up to the top. Wardrobe malfunctions, publicised break-ups, or controversial statements, there are several ways that help celebs break the news. And some people, like Kim Kardashian, have built entire remunerative empires on these principles. One celebrity notably has even allegedly leaked a sex tape of hers’ to make the headline.

Paris Hilton’s sex tape 1 Night in Paris first surfaced in 2003. The noted Hilton heir denies participating in the leak and blames it all on her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. But the grapevine repeatedly suggests that Hilton herself was responsible for causing the leak.

Solomon made sums of money for the sex tape. In April 2004, Rick started distributing the sex tape through Red Light District Video, an adult film company, with the title 1 Night in Paris. The sex tape was released onto a porn site on June 15, 2004. The video was promoted by Hollywood's sex tape broker Kevin Blatt.

The Hilton family suggested that Solomon had endeavoured to take advantage of their name. But Solomon responded back to them with a defamation lawsuit.

While talking about her leaked sex tape, Hilton says, “I felt like everyone on the street was laughing at me. I literally could not walk down the street because I felt like every single person had watched it and seen me naked and was talking behind my back. It was like being raped. It felt like I'd lost part of my soul and been talked about in such cruel and mean ways. Literally wanted to die at some points’

Solomon’s film, however, indisputably made Paris an overnight star, propelling her from little known socialite to household name.