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United States' Midwest Spikes To New Records; New York Surges After Months

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The Midwest has been experiencing a huge surge in Covid-19 cases after restrictions were loosened in most states and around the country.

Dr. Steve Stites, the chief medical officer for the University of Kansas Health System, said to The New York Times that "we didn't get the initial surge that New York did, so people weren’t as shellshocked." He added that "when things opened up, it was like, ‘We’re ready to party,’” and that caught up with the states' coronavirus rates.

North Dakota warned of hospital spaces filling up, Wisconsin and South Dakota have also hit a record of new cases, and Minnesota has reported over 2,000 new deaths. Utah is also experiencing a surge in new cases amongst younger people largely due to schools reopening, extracurriculars, and independently-held parties. 

Ten states are reportedly recording their highest averages to date in the past 7 days. Those states include Arizona, California, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina and Texas.

New York has had a steady rate of new cases since June, but has recently recorded over 1,000 new coronavirus cases, totaling in 454,760 positive cases. During New York's peak, it was recording 10,000 cases a day.