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Universal's Next Big Amusement Park: Super Nintendo Land

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Orlando, Florida has it all: Disneyland, Islands of Adventure, Universal, Harry Potter World, Toy Story Land, Star Wars Land. But that’s not enough for either company, Disney nor Universal. And at this point the two are basically in a competition for who can acquire the most popular IPs and turn them into incredibly immersive lands to draw in the most people.

The next big franchise that Universal is bringing to their parks is the video game powerhouse Nintendo. Expecting to be opened by 2023, Super Nintendo World promises all the whimsy and fun of the Mario games, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Because it’s Super Nintendo Land, not just Mario Land, we could see segments of it related to Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and any of the other long beloved franchises that the Japanese game company has been providing us with since 1972.

I can see this venture being as popular, if not more, than Harry Potter and Star Wars world because Nintendo is so well loved by older and younger generations alike, and whether you’re a fan of all the games or just a few, you’ll be drawn in by the spectacle of a world dedicated to all of our favorite Nintendo characters.

Image owned by Nintendo and Universal Studios.