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Unwitting Pedestrians Start a Dance Party By Standing on The 'Stand Here For Dance Party' Decal.

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What happens when you throw an unannounced dance party on the streets of New York and surprise random people?

Joy, community, and connection were all present.

“Stand here for a dance party,” said a decal plastered on the pavement in a park by the amazing street performing company Improv Everywhere.

Most passersby disregarded it or took photos once they read its tempting message, which was designed in the style of the omnipresent social distancing circles.

However, anyone who followed the directions and stepped straight on the decal in Manhattan's Grand Army Plaza was immediately encircled by a 100-person dance party including a vintage 1980s boombox.

The group, which specializes in large-scale public surprise moments, began their first post-pandemic project by collaborating with the Dynamic Rockers, a fully-vaxed professional b-boy dance crew, and the Museum of the City of New York, which opened a new music-themed exhibit called New York, New Music: 1980-1986.

100 Improv Everywhere-hired undercover dancers mingled with the locals, roaming around the sidewalks or lounging on benches, waiting for someone to step on the decal, triggering a giant dance celebration.

As he came around the corner and up to the unsuspecting guy to get the celebration started, Kid Glyde's boombox started blasting music.

The folks standing on the sticker were taken aback at first but soon joined in the fun.