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For the night owls like my sister, this is a great read. It’s also a go to for the after hours in Boston and trust me there isn’t much to find. This helps.

Chronicle stops by industry night at the Grand and then heads to the city's only 24-hour diner for a late night meal. Plus, see the early morning routine of WCVB's Eyeopener team.

Chronicle producer Sangita Chandra and videographers Rich Ward and Gino Mauro spent a week working 11PM to 7AM in Boston to see firsthand what life is like for people who work the overnight shift. First responders and street sweepers. An overnight butler. Behind the scenes at a nightclub and a beloved produce market. The only restaurant in the city to have a 24-hour license. Find out what happens in the wee hours, while you were sleeping.

It's industry night at The Grand, the newest club in Boston. Club-goers are there until 2:00 A.M., but find employees there well into the wee hours of morning.

It's Boston's ONLY 24-hour diner - South Street Diner. They're open for all of Boston's workers serving up the finest of comfort food.

When Boston's first responders get a call in the middle of the night, they know it's serious business. On this night, we find Boston EMS training at a local school.

The Boston Department of Public Works is out manning the street sweepers while you're sounds asleep. Employees remind you not to litter!

Visitors expect top notch service at the Boston Harbor Hotel, but don't always think about what goes into getting that service. We try to catch up with Boston Harbor Hotel's night butler, but he's always on the move!

Is your office undergoing a renovation? Seems simple enough for you pack your stuff and show up at your new desk when it's finished. For the construction crew at Commodore Builders, they're working hard in the middle of the night making sure there's a seamless transition.

It's one of the nation's oldest open-air markets - Haymarket. The vendors are up early to set up for this dawn to dusk market in Boston.

The bakers at Bricco Panetteria say they're used to being up early. They have to be in order to make fresh bread for their customers in Boston's North End.

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Nightlife in Boston ( source: Pexels )

Nightlife in Boston



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