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Up Your Snacking Game: Fancy Popcorn

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Don't get me wrong: I can eat plain old buttered popcorn by the handful all day. Mr. Redenbacher has been my movie companion for decades, and it's no (Pop) secret that I always order my own bucket of the stuff at the theater. If the empty shelves where the popcorn once sat mean anything, I'd say you probably have some right now. Feeling fancy? Try out a few recipes for something a little different!

1. Tangy Dill Popcorn

The only thing I like as much as popcorn is a dill pickle. If that's your speed, grab a clean spray bottle and spray dill pickle juice on your hot buttered popcorn. Careful not to go too heavy on it, or you'll get soggy corn! If that's not quite enough for you, sprinkle garlic and onion powder with a little salt on it, too. You can even add dried dill for an extra kick!

2. Peppery Popcorn

Speaking of 'kick,' if you're more into a spicy profile, grab that garlic and onion powder again, and sprinkle that with a TINY amount of cayenne pepper and lemon pepper seasoning over the popcorn. If you feel extra fancy, you can even use the spray bottle with a little vinegar or lemon juice, too!

3. Savory BBQ Popcorn

But maybe you just want the hearty taste of BBQ ribs without the sticky sauce. Dissolve a small amount of brown sugar in warm water, spray hot popcorn with the bottle. Coat with a mix of garlic and onion powder, smoked paprika, and a small amount of chili powder. Taste the mix before coating, so it's not too spicy for you!

Happy snacking, folks!

Photo: Pixabay