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US Records Highest Rabies Deaths In A Decade

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US health authorities have shown their grave concerns about the contagious spread of Rabies in the country. According to a health report, in 2021, five US citizens died of rabies. It is so far the largest number of death from rabies in a decade. Although, no rabies deaths are reported in 2019 or 2020. All unfortunate five U.S. rabies deaths were reported in the previous year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report on Thursday. It was about the three rabies-infected demises. The health officials insist to realize the threat and asking the population to get vaccinated against contagious diseases. 

The other deaths were respectively of an elderly man from Illinois who refused to get vaccinated. Whereas, the Idaho resident and a Texas teenager were unaware of the lethal consequences. Rabies virus is generally spread through an infected animal. In the U.S .most rabies infections are bat-generated. However, rabies can be prevented through five shots given within two weeks of exposure. The shots are administered within two weeks of exposure to the virus. If the patient is not vaccinated, then after a couple of weeks of the onset of symptoms, the patient could face terminal magnitudes

Ryan Wallace, a CDC rabies expert, and co-author of the report commented. In three cases, people “either tone down the exposure (to bats) or they didn't recognize the severity of rabies,” 

Two deaths from early 2021 directed the incidents towards the BAT DISASTER. One Minnesota resident was bitten by a bat. The man although was vaccinated against rabies, yet a prevailing immune system pathology overcome the effects of the shots. Another person went to the Philippines where he was bitten by a rabid dog. The traveller returned to New York and lost his life.