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Use Cola to Clean a Toilet

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Where I live, hard water is a big problem. It forms a film on the inside of my toilet which can be extremely hard to scrub off, and makes the porcelain more susceptible to rust stains. Now, I could spend a huge amount of time and money scrubbing my toilet bowl with expensive cleaners and a pumice stone, or I can use a trick my grandma taught me from years of living here: Coca-cola.

What? How's that possible? Well, you have to be patient, and I still recommend giving your toilet a regular bleach based cleaning, but if you have serious stains or buildup, try it out! All you need is a can of Coke and a toilet brush.

Open the can, and pour the contents inside the bowl under the rim. The soda should run down the sides of the bowl. Then, let it sit for an hour. Some say that the treatment needs longer than that to work, but I've found more success with a second treatment afterward, if needed. As you wait, the three main acids in Coke: carbonic, citric, and phosphoric, will start to eat away at the buildup in the bowl. After the 60 minutes is up, give it a quick scrub with the brush, and flush. You should see a noticeable difference right away!

Photo: Pixabay