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Use Social Media More Mindfully, Not Less

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Let me tell you, I can waste a lot of time on my social media platforms. Not long ago, I found myself dreading opening my news feed, because I knew that the horror within, the negativity vortex with which every internet user is familiar, would just depress me. Like many, I debated going offline entirely. But ultimately, I decided not to.

There's nothing wrong with using social media less, but if the content is what's bothering you, maybe the solution is to use the sites more mindfully. What's that mean? It means designing your experience to fit what you want out of social media. Mostly, this means limiting time using it, and utilizing the tools you're given by the platforms themselves.

If you think you're using the sites too much, set a time limit, and stick to it. A timer that reminds you to log off works well, or, for the professional, an app that tracks your time spent on certain sites might provide you with a wake up call to productivity.

You can also limit what you see online. If Facebook makes you sad, use the menu on each post to tell the algorithm you don't want to see posts like the ones that upset you. In time, the site will learn to show you more uplifting content. You should also unfollow, or block, people and pages that hurt your experience. Remember, if you respond to or interact with posts you don't like, you're only telling the platform that you want to see more of it.