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Use This Simple Trick To Get Rid Of Dark Circles In Only One Week

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You do not need expensive eye creams and showy serums to treat your dark circles. Neither do you require to waste several hours with cucumber slices placed against your eyes. In recent times, beauty vloggers have come up with a proven simple trick to remove eye bags. It’s neither costly nor time-consuming nor laborsome. In fact, it involves only a few simple steps that help you get rid off the puffiness around your eyes in no time. There are only two ingredients required for this therapy. And even those are easily available at home.

The things you’ll need to remove your dark circles are simply baking soda and a spoon. The tools, although very common, can revitalize the sensitive skins around your eyes, giving you an eye bag-free face. For the treatment, first, you need to add baking soda and water in a bowl and mix them until the solution reaches a sugar syrup concentration.

While you are preparing your baking soda solution, it will help if you put a spoon in the freezer. Once the solution has been prepared, remove the spoon from the freezer and cover its base with the solution you have prepared. Then, gently rub it against the sensitive dark circles.

Leave the soda-laden spoons on your face for 5 minutes. Later remove them and wash your face with cold water and dry it with a towel, The results are immediately noticeable upon the completion of the suggested routine.