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Valerie Plame Seems Like a Badass, But We Don't Know Much About Her Yet

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You may have heard the name Valerie Plame before, or you could be like me and have never heard of her in your life until coming across her Congress campaign video (let alone discovering it two months after it was originally released to the world). 

Valerie Plame is a former CIA agent whosr identity was outed by former Chief of Staff, Scooter Libby, back in the days of Dick Cheney's vice presidency. When our current President, Donald Trump, pardoned Libby early this year, Plame new it was time for her to take action. And that action is taking her back to D.C. 

The former agent bore her identity and the truth to the world in an action-movie-worthy campaign video announcing her bid for Congress. 

Again, until today, I had no idea this woman existed. I didn't know her story, but her bold, if not a little heavy-handed, statement of a campaign video caught my attention in the right way. If you haven't heard about her either, now is the time to do your research and find out what Plame is all about because she could very well be a person we'd all want in a place of power.

Check out her campaign video here!

Still from Valerie Plame's campaign video.