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Valorant Competitor rapaztriste Removed From Team For Cheating

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Cheating is a serious matter in esports with everything from aimbots to wall hacks giving players unfair advantages in first-person shooters. Today it was revealed that Spanish Valorant competitor Rui ‘rapaztriste’ Fonseca has been removed from team Movistar Riders for using cheats during the LVP Rising Series.

In a statement from the team, it was revealed that his fellow competitors contacted Movistar Riders Team Manager Raquel Esperanza voicing concerns that rapaztriste's gameplay and general behavior during their matches were suspicious. Riot Games opened an official investigation into the matter and it was found that rapaztriste was, "using resources not allowed within the game to gain a competitive advantage."

“As a response from the club, the player is no longer part of Movistar Riders," Movistar Riders said in a released statement. "From here, we want to apologize to LVP and Riot for what happened and thank them for their speed and their availability to find a solution to the problem. Of course, we also want to extend our sincere apologies to all Valorant fans and tournament participants.” 

Riot Games doesn't mess around with players that cheat. They recently teamed up with Bungie to sue several sites like Cameron and GatorCheats for creating "a portfolio of malicious cheats and hacks." Riot has also been very harsh in its treatment of cheaters using "Soulbans" to ban players from accessing Valorant through hardware bans. It is likely that rapaztriste will be unable to event play Valorant casually again, let alone compete.

Currently, the rest of the roster remains the same with Mihály ‘Tishler’ Kállai , Carlos ‘scarx’ Sanchez , Maks ‘kamyk’ Rychlewski, and Michael ‘mikigoalie’ Buzek competing. There is no word at this time on who might replace rapaztriste for future competitions.