Venture Capitalist Celebrities

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April 17, tennis champion Serena Williams became the latest celebrity investor in cryptocurrency. Williams exposed via her Instagram account she’d surreptitiously launched an investment company, Serena Ventures, in 2014. And more significantly for the cryptocurrency industry, she also discovered the company had invested in Coinbase, making her a backer of one of the industry's principal players. There is no doubt cryptocurrency has fully-fledged in popularity. And when Hollywood gets involved, you know there is conceivable riches at bay.

It's not known how much Serena Ventures has invested in America's biggest crypto exchange, although Williams has won approximately $90 million in prize money over the course of her career, while she produced around $18 million in endorsements between 2017 and 2018 alone. She, therefore, has deep pockets, demonstrating how her investment in Coinbase could be substantial — if not monumental.


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