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Verdict: YouTube Vocal Coach Finds Dixie D'Amelio's Be Happy! Unrefined But Promising

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TikTok star Dixie D'Amelio has been making headlines for quite a while now. She quit The Hype House, defended her sister Charli D'Amelio in a continuing feud with ex Chase Hudson, and confirmed a relationship with Griffin Johnson, all around the same time. And as if that wasn’t enough to for her to skyrocket to popularity, she also released her first single ‘Be Happy!’ to complement her swelling success.

Dixie D' Amelio Debuts At no.41 On The Billboard Emerging Artists Chart

D’Amelio might have ascended the Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart following the release of her new song, but that couldn’t save her from amassing a divided reaction to her new song. While the internet contends over how to rate and rank Amelio’s song, there is finally an official verdict on if the song was actually good or a total miss. Vocal Coach Tristan Paredes had weighed in on Dixie D’Amelio’s music in a YouTube video today, and here is his analysis of the song.

Tristan Paredes Finds 'Be Happy!' Raw But Promising

Before he produced a judgement, famed vocal coach Tristan Paredes acknowledged that Dixie D’Amelio was a beginner, therefore he’d scale her performance with that limitation in mind. While viewing Amelio’s ‘Be Happy’ music video, Paredes occasionally paused to digest the indiscernible accented switches in the TikTok star’s song. But he did not provide any intervening commentary on the fragments. Rather, Paredes viewed the entire track, before distilling its essence and evaluating its vocals.  

In his review, Tristan Paredes appreciated Dixie D'Amelio’s attempt at music, he did point out the crudity of the singer’s articulation, but overall, he found the song entertaining. To Parades, the most vexatious aspects of the composition were the dialectal turbulences that disharmonized the song’s tone. But, as Paredes noted, such flips can be easily tweaked to obtain a refined performance.

Tristan Paredes Praises The Writing In 'Be Happy!'

Talking about the lyrics, Paredes praised ‘Be Happy!’ for its inventive and cohesive writing. Drawing a comparison to his own first songs, the vocal coach found that ‘Be Happy!’ was actually ‘pretty good’. As per Tristan Paredes, Dixie D'Amelio’s was able to clearly communicate the intended message through her lyrics, therefore, accounting for a ‘solid’ song.

Fans Should Support Dixie D' Amelio's Music Venture, Tristan Paredes

Tristan discussed that people attract backlash when they attempt to switch between different careers. Citing that concept as the reason behind some of the negative feedback that ‘Be Happy!’ has received, Tristan Paredes mentioned that every community has its unwelcoming members, who entertain only inherent talent while shunning a reworked gig. The vocal coach insisted on people to be supportive of D’Amelio’s work, he encouraged people to venture out on different platforms and expand their skillset whenever they get a chance.

Dixie D' Amelio Is America's Next Pop-Star

In his analysis, Tristan Paredes found Dixie D’Amelio best-suited for pop. He played one of Dixie’s original voice clip from TikTok and mentioned that if the star built on her sweet vocals, she would make it big in the pop genre. Ideally, Tristan had low expectations from the track, he had expected it to be a trashy embodiment of star-power leverage, so he was fairly surprised when ‘Be Happy!’ and Dixie D’Amelio amused him.

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