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Victoria’s Secret Cancelled Its Fashion Show, but is it the End of the Brand?

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During their quarterly earnings call on the 21st, fashion giant Victoria’s Secret announced that it would cancel this year’s televised fashion show. They have “decided to re-think the traditional Victoria’s Secret fashion show,” said CEO Les Wexler in a company memo. In recent years, the company has come under fire for a lack of inclusivity and body positivity in their line of products. The brand’s popular fashion event has been losing ratings over the last several years, perhaps due to this criticism, and with the recent ties to the case of the late Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps it is time for Victoria’s Secret to reevaluate their campaigns.

But is Victoria’s Secret doomed? Sarah Spelling, of “The Cut,” doesn’t seem to think so. She told NPR:

“A lot of people wear and shop at Victoria's Secret. So this is a big blow to Victoria's Secret, but I'm wary of suggesting that it is a symbol of the demise of Victoria's Secret.”

It’s true that the company holds a 24% market share in a $13.8 billion dollar industry. That said, L Brands reported a 7% decline in sales this quarter. It could be that the brand’s shift in priorities may bring its sales back to their former glory, but with online retailers and an insistence of customers to shop with a brand that reflects their values of inclusivity and empowerment, it may be a tough fight.

Do you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Do you think its cancellation is more publicity stunt than reform? Will the ties to Jeffrey Epstein keep Victoria’s Secret from regaining popularity? Keep the discussion going in the comments! 

Photo: Behati Prinsloo and Rihanna at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

User “Alexis” / Flickr CC Attribution License