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“Video Call Goats” Trend As British Farmer Employs Goats To Make Live Appearances In Virtual Zoom Meetings

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Nobody knew that a mere joke suggested by a British farmer to rent her goats for video chats could become the latest trend to lift the pandemic gloom and not to miss, a great source of income for the British farmer.

Dot McCarthy, from Rossendale, Lancashire found an innovative way to not only have extra income during the pandemic but also found an incredible way to use her goats to spread joy and laughter during such challenging times.

Cronkshaw Fold Farm, the property which McCarthy inherited from her mother not only was a sanctuary for the farm animals who provided resources for daily income but was also house to several other activities like farm tours, sheepdog demonstrations, goat yoga, weddings destinations and educational visits. However, after Covid-19 hit globally, McCarthy lost most of her sources of income.

What started as a joke to put her dear goats on video for a few laughs, turned into a full-time business for her after she received about 200 emails to have her goats join the virtual meetings. This new-found business raised about £50,000.

“This started as a joke -- putting goats on video calls to prank people in their work routines -- and it’s just gone a bit crackers, really,” McCarthy remarked.

About the continuity of this practice if the pandemic ends, McCarthy stated that “I’ve been saying this since the first lockdown, but I definitely think this is just a phase. but yeah, we will keep going -- as long as people want goats, we will bring goats to the people,” commented McCarthy.

The online service now employs her goats for £5 to make an appearance on zoom meetings. McCarthy and her farm staff assist in setting up the virtual meetings on their phones/devices by joining the scheduled zoom links and then take a quick tour of their goats so they could introduce the curious-looking animals to the zoom attendees.

Customers and people willing to meet the adorable farm members can choose from seven options, from the eldest nanny “Margaret” or even the young kiddo brown and white lulu.

“Say you’re doing a video call with work or whatever, or maybe a really long family call and it’s getting a bit boring. You can book a goat to join you in the meeting and just see if any of your colleagues notice,” McCarthy hilariously mentioned.

While people from all over the world have requested to chat with her dear goats, McCarthy commented that one particular family enthusiastically checks on Margaret or “Marg.”

“They call her Marg, and she is one of the family now. They love to hear her news - from her first hot date to news that she is expecting."

Apart from getting good sums of money from her goats’ meeting-crashing appearances, the popularity of her farm also earned several more calls for manure delivery too. With a positive flow of cash, McCarthy is renovating essential farm sites as well as looking forward to taking sustainable steps for her farm.