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Video game developer suspected of funding pro-Russian terrorist group

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Video game developer Gaijin Entertainment - known for their MMO shooting titles War Thunder, Crossout, and Star Conflict - allegedly are actively supporting the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) a pro-Russian militant group in Donechyna, a Ukraine providence. Krupnokalibernyy Perepolokh (“Large-Bore Mayhem”)  is a YouTube channel where the group siezes and tests Ukranian and Russian military equipment and Gaijin Entertainment has sponsored these videos.

Advertisements for War Thunder and Crossout appear integrated into videos as the group tests PMN-2 mines and other weapons that have been banned by the 1997 Ottawa Convention, also known as the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty. The only way these weapons would be able to get into the territory of Donbas is through Russia. The logos of War Thunder and Crossout can be seen painted onto vehicles and conrete blocks in the videos.

Gaijin Entertainment neither confirmed nor denied the details when first reported the story. The commercial support for the channel that violates the Terms of Service of YouTube shows the issues with brand safety. This isn't the first time this has been a concern, in 2017 many leading brands pulled their spending from YouTube when multiple cases of advertising units were run against extremist and abusive content.