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VIGOR Stablecoin

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VIGOR is a crypto-backed decentralized stablecoin on the EOS blockchain that tracks the US Dollar.

The VIGOR stablecoin is a financial engineering innovation with regards to a decentralized stable unit of account.

This project creates a crypto-backed stablecoin without a

central counterparty by enabling participants to separate and

transfer both volatility risk and price event risk through

open source escrow smart contracts. Stablecoins are created

and loaned out when EOS native crypto tokens are put into

escrow as collateral and backed by insurers. This project

introduces a decentralized system of borrowing & insuring;

a crypto credit facility with only two distinct independent


• Borrowers

– escrow EOS native tokens as collateral

– take stablecoin loans, maintaining collateral level

– pay premiums over time to insure their collateral

• Insurers

– escrow EOS native tokens as insurance assets

– earn premiums based on contribution to solvency

– bailout: take-over & recap undercollateralized loans

• Earn

– Earn income on EOS native tokens by escrowing them for use as insurance assets that back stablecoin loans

You can contribute & earn vigor daily


For more information you can visit :

Website :

Telegram Group :