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Viral Indian Pug Gets Marriage Proposals After Wearing A Traditional Groom Outfit

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An Indian pug donned in traditional groom clothes has gone viral after he started receiving marriage proposals online.

While humans have been using digital platforms to find a suitable partner for several years now, it was finally time that domesticated animals also showed their A-game when it came to matchmaking. One such Kerala Pug has taken the marriage game very seriously after its owner posted pictures of him in a pink and white traditional outfit. The pictures which went viral after being shared on Twitter were captioned as,

“If anyone’s looking for a handsome Malayali boy to get your beautiful daughter married off to…”

The pictures showcased the innocent pug donning a bubblegum pink shirt and a traditional “Kasavu Mundu” which is a delicate cotton cloth with reflective gold borders worn by Kerala natives. The pug is shown to be standing straight with the help of its owner while in another image, it is pictured sitting in front of Sadya, a large banana leaf with several traditional meal servings. The Pug from Kerala turned several heads on social media and soon found quite a few suitable matches for itself.

One Twitter user captioned a photo of her pug with, “My girl is here, she’s from #Kashmir,”

Another commented on the pug’s stunning looks which possibly gave tough competition to other human suitors,

“This dog looks better than most guys in my college batch. College in those days was bell bottoms and printed shirts with embroidery.”

People were completely fascinated by the Pug’s charm and poured in loving comments for the small pup.

“Tbh only reason I’m still on Facebook is for Indian dog parents groups! So EXTRA. Never disappoints.” Stated an extremely amused Twitter user.