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Virginia man invents spittle-free way to extinguish birthday candles

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A Virginia man said his free time during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him time to work on an invention that coincidentally involved stopping germs — a device that allows birthday candles to be blown out without spittle flying.

Mark Apelt, 44, a University of Virginia graduate and a current resident of Richmond, said he came up with the idea for the Blowzee birthday cake candle extinguisher while at a child’s birthday party before the pandemic.

Apelt designed the Blowzee, which allows children to still use their own lungs to blow, but the air that travels over the cake doesn’t come from their lungs.

“There’s a little electric sensor in there, so when you blow into it, you’re activating the sensor, and it switches on the fan, and that creates enough clean air flow to blow out the candle. Meanwhile, the air you blow circles around and comes back toward you,” Apelt said