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Visitors Will No Longer Have To Quarantine To Enter The Bahamas

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Glad tidings, The Bahamas is scrapping its mandatory 14-quarantine rule for visitors starting November 1st. The Caribbean country, which mandates everyone to wear masks in public places, had first opened its borders to private planes and yachts on June 15 followed by commercial airlines on July 1. The move, however, hadn’t gone well for the company’s Covid cases, which increased exponentially following the resumption of travel. As a consequence, the country's prime minister placed a temporary ban on visitors from the U.S. A few weeks later, though, the ban was lifted. But visitors still had to quarantine for 14 days at their own expense.

Now, starting November 1, The Bahamas will allow travelers to skip the mandatory quarantine, given that they repeatedly test negative for Covid-19. Visitors will have to take a PCR test no more than 7 days before arriving in The Bahamas, then they will have to take rapid antigen tests upon arrival, and then they will have to repeat the test 4 days after. The country's prime minister to temporarily ban visitors from the U.S. Children of ten years and younger, however, will be exempted from this rule, and they won’t be required to take the tests.

Starting October 15, visitors can also "vacation in place" for 14 days or less. In that scenario, travelers will have to get a PCR test prior to arrival and remain in their hotels but can use all the amenities and resort facilities. In an effort to facilitate traveling to the Caribbean islands easier, American Airlines is launching a pre-flight testing program for travel to the Bahamas, similar to its plans to test passengers on flights to Jamaica and Hawaii.

Source: Insider