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Dablu is a sixth grader of the year. In his naughty mannerisms, Taki and he knew that even natural qualities were hidden! He realized only when Dablu's name was announced as a special award from the Gram Panchayat Mancha after the award of students with good secondary results.

Everyone knows him as Dablu. From a young age, the people of the house used to call him Dablu, from the people of the neighborhood, Bepara, and even the people known in the whole area used to call him by that name. His school's real name is Animesh, but it remains on paper. A friend from the teacher calls him Dablu. And after receiving the award, his fame has spread even more.

Short short stiff look. At that age he was brave enough. There is nothing to fear. And because of this his parents are worried enough. The boy did not die in the end. With his friends, in the open field next to the garden, playing football, some of his friends shouted, "Snake snake." Immediately Dablu ran, grabbed the tail of the snake in his right hand, twisted it two or three times over his head and threw the snake into the forest.

Whether the snake is poisonous or not is bigger than that, if the snake bites, Dablu can also lose his life. Moreover, Saptato did no harm. It is to oppress the poor. However, when the incident became known in the neighborhood, his mother, father, as a result of saying good things, he did not understand what was going on, he understood.

But if you understand what will happen. When the thought of mischief revolves in his head, he does it without thinking of anything. Even one day when he was playing with sticks, with friends, Santoor hit the sixes with a stick, like a cricket ball, and the stick is like a cricket ball, and the stick is like a bat. Are truncated. And the rod is a wooden stick. The ball vs. the wooden bullet hit Santu's forehead. Santu's forehead swelled like a potato. The two families also quarreled over this. Warn your son Dablu, the answer is don't send your son to play. A couple of such things continued. But for him, the friendship between Dablu and Santu did not break down. Even though Santu is two years older than him, they are really best friends. So a few days later, Santu and Dablu went to the river bank one day. Then a summer afternoon. Suddenly he saw a boat tied to a bamboo pole on the banks of the Ganges. There are still scenes of boats being tied up on the banks of the Ganges. In the rainy season, when the water of the dam is released, the river Ganges is seen to be terrifying. Every year the people of the village suffer some loss due to the demolition. Then many people become poorer. But this summer, in the middle of that river, where the river falls, it becomes land. As on this side, the sand slap on the other side. Now the water in the river is less. So Dablu said to Santu, let's take a boat and come back from the other side of the river. Santu said, if he goes to jail. Dablu said, "You fool! The fisherman is fishing from the river, anchoring the boat, now he has gone to the market to sell fish." Before we get back to jail, we'll be right back. Anyway, with Dablu and Santu Laghi, Laghi is a long thin bamboo, with which the boat can be pushed under the river water, pressed to the ground. In the same way, they pushed the boat more on the sand on the other side, so that the boat did not float on its own. Then they climbed on the sand, wrestled with each other, pushed again with bamboo sticks, tied the boat on this side, they went back home. Dablu is not afraid of the water of this river because he swims here with many more people every day. But during this rainy season, when the big waves of the river hit the shore, and the big earthen eruptions broke, the river also got scared. At that time, he swam in the pond. The pond is a little far from their village. Large mango trees around the pond. Quite a large pond. Rain filled water. But there are no waves like the Ganges. Many more, big and small, are swimming. Dablu noticed that two or three people were climbing a tree, and the long branches of the tree, leaning towards the water of the pond, were jumping into the water. He has jumped from a tree like this before. He has no fear in these matters. This time he climbed higher than everyone else on the branches of a big tree, some of them rained on him. You have become more adept at this. I will jump from so high and die. But Dablu did not find those words. When he wants to, he will jump from this high branch. The tall branch of this tree is a little too long, so long that the last end of the branch has gone along the middle of the pond. He once looked around the pond. Everyone is swimming like that, jumping into the water, having a lot of fun, but suddenly he noticed, only two hands of one can be seen. He was surprised, it took a while to understand, Oki is swimming in the water with both hands raised. But swimming dives by dipping the whole body in water. But what Dablu suspected came true. Both his hands are slowly sinking. That means he is not swimming, in fact he is drowning. At the moment, many are looking in that direction. Many shouted, "Look, someone is drowning." Save him. And at that moment Dablu jumped from the stalk, spotting the drowning man in the right place, into the water. He went a little deeper into the water. But Seto knows how to swim. He caught the drowning man in that position. Then they pushed him on wheels, brought him to the edge of the pond, and those who were older brought him up to the shore. Santu will be the same age, there is no talk with Dablu, then he knows the face. When he did not regain consciousness at that moment, everyone took him to the local hospital. Dablu also went with. After admitting the boy to the hospital, this time everyone who was waiting outside, what will the doctor say. At that moment, all together, seeing Dablu's reckless courage, they began to rejoice with him on their heads and shoulders. Dablu, what you have done, this time the brave prize of the panchayat is tied for you. We will all propose your name. Then, as soon as they saw the doctor coming, they lowered Dablu from their shoulders and everyone stood still. But the doctor went into another room. Some people said, "Doctor Babu is not here. The boy is alive!" !

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