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Wait, Cleopatra Wasn't Egyptian? 3 Fun Facts About Ancient Egypt

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Think you learned all about kohl eyeliner and papyrus in your 6th grade social studies class? Do you know Anubis from Nut? Well buckle up, because I bet you don't know these 3 facts about the world of Ancient Egypt!

Cleopatra Wasn't Egyptian

Even though the famous Cleopatra VII was born in Alexandria, she has more in common with the name of the city than with Egypt! Cleopatra's lineage actually comes from Macedonia, and specifically Ptolemy I, who was one of Alexander the Great's lieutenants. For all intents and purposes, the ancient Queen is a figure of Egypt, but her actual family tree was planted nearer to Greece. However, she and her family rules Egypt for nearly 300 years, so it's hard not to associate her with Egypt directly.

The Egyptians Used 20-Sided Die

There's still debate as to why the Egyptians had simple 20-sided die, but many suggest it could have been used for the purposes of divination, alongside other methods, to predict the future. Others suggest that it was merely (or also) used for a game, although what game nobody can be sure. Modern fans of tabletop games use the example to joke about ancient Egyptians being huge nerds for Dungeons & Dragons, but we can never really know!

A Hippo Might Have Killed King Tut

As though being the Pharaoh as a kid wasn't enough of a story! It's not confirmed, but since examination of the boy king's body revealed that he was buried without his heart or sternum, which is vastly atypical of burial of Egyptian royalty, the possibility of injury was investigated. Some experts say that it's possible that this wound fits the description of a hippopotamus attack, and that King Tut was sometimes written as holding a harpoon for sport hunting. Hippos are indeed dangerous creatures, so it wouldn't be out of the question for a huntsman to meet his end this way.