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Want To Live In A Haunted House?

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Do you fancy haunted houses, scary mansions, spooky cemeteries, the macabre, weird horror books, the kind that keeps you up all night with the lights on, and causes you to cling onto your bedroom sheets, horror movies, and Halloween? I unquestionably do. And these days, I can't get enough of it.

To date, my interests in this area, have prompted me to infinitely saturate my books shelves, which boast a very large -- spoiled rotten amount of varies subjects, regarding the paranormal, weird mysteries, the supernatural, monsters, and mysteries, true crime, the occult, cryptids, and the one genre I have (proud to say) created, True Fiction. Reading all these books was not enough to satisfy my appetite. So, I started writing about these topics. Incidentally, I continue to do so today and doubt I will ever stop.

Furthermore, if you are anything like me, you cherish all the above. And, let us not forget Halloween. Halloween these days is not only for the kids but nowadays in the United States, adults are also bringing their kids to truck-loads of houses before finally filling-up their bags of candy for the night. 

Finally, all these interests are wonderful, but what if you could live the kind of life that you write about - minus getting yourself murdered, and God knows what else? What if part of breathing this life, was you residing in a huge mansion? Only this mansion was no ordinary home. Instead, this dwelling was dark, gloomy, and creepy. This house was very, very haunted. Would you still live in this same house, the kind you usually write about? I suppose everyone's answer will vary. 

Nonetheless, if on the other hand, you really wanted to live the life you wrote about, here is your golden ticket to a first-hand, real-life haunted house. And I kid you not. Check out the article regarding the sale of the house by clicking on the link below the picture of the mansion below. This house is located in Auburn New York I am familiar enough with this city, located in the State of New York because I was born there. I found out about this house because my mother is a real estate agent in Auburn New York, and because I am one of those horror writers who has already lived in a haunted house and who also plans and inquired to purchase this house and many other similar mansions for sale in the historical city of Auburn, New York. So if you are interested, go for it, and good luck!


Click on, or copy and paste the link below to read the article regarding the history of this mansion.

Check out my Facebook posting, on other haunted mansions for sale.

Most importantly, please continue to follow me, and further comment on this article below - here on Thank you, folks, and have a safe and haunted Easter holiday tomorrow. Yes, haunted!