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Wash Your Hands (and Also These Things)

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Now that NCOV-19 is officially an international health emergency, I see more memes, articles, and heartfelt speeches about hand washing than anything else. It got me thinking, we're now good about washing our hands (if you weren't doing it before-- gross) but what else should we be cleaning? Surely there's other things just as gross as our filthy hands. So read on to discover some of the dirty things you touch that probably need a good scrub.

1. Your Phone

Yes, the trusty smartphone, the most faithful of companions. It carries all the disgusting bacteria soup you wash off your hands, and then you not only touch it, but you put it on your face! Ick! Now's a good time to pop it out of the case and clean it carefully. Rubbing alcohol and a clean cotton swab works very well.

2. Doorknobs

Once again, anything you regularly touch is fair game. And what do you touch with more regularity than the doorknob? Give it a once over with some disinfectant, and make it a habit, especially during flu season!

3. Your Steering Wheel

You're out and about, touching whatever you need to at work or on the town, and then you track it into your car. Yuck! I recommend a steering wheel cover that you can remove and wash, but a good disinfectant works well on uncovered wheels. You might discover that it's dirtier than you think!

Be careful, and stay healthy out there!

Photo: Pixabay