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Waste Auditing: Why It Matters

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If you're like the average person I am sure you are aware of concepts such as Global Warming and terms such as your Carbon Footprint (I sincerely hope so at least), but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that you have never heard of the term “Waste Auditing”. Well prepare to be enlightened, because this concept/service is here to stay, and not only that, it's becoming a pioneering initiative of great importance, especially if you like living on a healthy Earth and like most people hate the idea of wasting money unnecessarily.

So let's start with the obvious question, what is Waste Auditing? Basically, these are environmental audits that examine several aspects of waste management methodology. Companies, organizations, sports stadiums, restaurants, just to name few (because quite honestly, the list is endless), are reviewed intensively to verify and establish whether or not their processes and procedures of waste management are functioning optimally, which unfortunately more often than not are considered a non-important part of business practice. This is fortunately not always the case as many other individuals realize the importance of procedures such as Waste Audits and similar services, and one such company who provide these and other services related to waste management is Reduction In Motion who are trailblazers in the industry and serve an essential function in this critically important and often neglected environmental responsibility.

In these audits, which are extremely thorough, data is collected through various methods which I really encourage you to go and view on their website, in order to provide the client with accurate information that serves various purposes, the first and most obvious being practical recommendations that would benefit not only the environment, which is without a doubt a solemn mandate of every individual on this planet, but maybe more attractively, show you as the client ways in which you can save money, often considerable amounts, now who wouldn't like that?

Just for a moment though, let's move away from the obvious financial benefits provided in the work done by companies such as Reduction In Motion and move towards a more sobering reality, the world's population is growing rapidly, and it will continue to do so until quite literally it will leave the Earth in a state where it simply will not be able to sustain the number of individuals through its resources. Another obvious and serious problem that seems often neglected is that more people means more waste, and more waste means a greater negative carbon footprint left by every individual. Companies like Reduction In Motion are actively participating in helping towards a more sustainable future, the services they are providing are making an impact, and should not be underestimated for one second.

If this article was your first introduction to the concept of Waste Auditing, I hope it was a revelatory experience, and that you've been converted. It is imperative that organizations of any kind make Waste Auditing and similar services part of the operational status quo. Companies such as Reduction In Motion are pioneering the waste management revolution, I believe it's time you give them a call, no need to waste another moment before you do.

Written by Dwain Donovan Stewart


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