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Scientists say water is the medicine that prevents & cures all major diseases: If there is magic on the Planet Earth, it is contained in water – Loran Eisley. Our home planet earth is uniquely gifted with water which forms 70% of its surface area. Water is a life giver and enables human beings to survive on this Earth. Water is the single largest component of the human body (water makes up more than 70 percent of our body).

Water makes the traffic of materials and information possible among cells through micro channels. In the heart muscles, it makes it possible for them to contract and so let the heartbeat. In the bowel, it allows digestive and absorptive functions. In the liver cells, it carries toxins into the urine. In the cartilage, it protects the ends of bones in a joint and so prevents arthritis. Indeed, no life processes are possible without water.

If we take two glasses of water (room temperature) empty stomach in the morning, its benefit increases by 100%: It is ideal if water is taken first thing in the morning. At that time our stomach is empty, and the cleansing of body system is done without any obstruction from food articles. Water taken invigorates and energizes all the vital organs of the body. Drink 5/6 glasses of hot (luke-warm) water and see the magic working. Mara Vitolins, a nutritionist at the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Centre has said that drinking water may help you shed some pounds. “Taking enough quantity of water can decrease our appetite. It may also help us to cut calories.”

What does water do for us? Health benefits of drinking sufficient quantity of water:

• Lubrication: Saliva moistens the food we eat, helping us chew and swallow it

• Respiration: Water moistens and warms the air before it reaches the lungs

• Circulation: Water dilutes blood and helps keep it at the right consistency which is important for heart health

• Increases our Mental and Physical Performance

• Removes Toxins & Waste Products from our body

• Keeps our Skin Healthy and Glowing

• Helps us to Lose Weight

• Reduces Headaches and Dizziness

• Allows for proper Digestion

• Helps us to keep more Alkaline

• Regulates appetite

• Increases metabolism

• Boosts energy level

• Helps reduce blood pressure

• Helps us to reduce high cholesterol

• Eases our joint pains

• Decreases the risk of some types of cancers

• Releases toxic waste products from our body

• Improves the skin

Water is the Fountain of Youth, Health, and Everything Else that’s good: Taking enough quantity of water daily reverses the aging process: Drinking plenty of fresh, pure water is one of the simplest and least expensive ways to reverse the aging process. Pure water flushes out toxins and wastes from the body and ensures perfect health which helps one look and feel younger and energetic.

According to a Hungarian – US biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi “Water is mother and medium. There is no life without water”. Water is the elixir of life. Have plenty and enjoy the advantages!!