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We All Could Use a Little Good News Right Now

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I don't want to spend too much time talking because I want the facts and images in the article below to stand for themselves.

What I will say, is we're all going through a hard time right now. As a country, as a planet. The world seems bleak more often than not, and the bad news and troubling times are suffocating. But sometimes we have to stop and remember that the world has looked bleak before. Thousands of people around the entire world thought it was going to fall apart during WWI and WWII, and we came back from near devastation both of those times.

Sure, things seem worse now with the nature of our planet seeming too far gone and that this isn't just a human issue anymore, but there is still time to turn things around.

The good news and images linked below are here to remind us that good things are still happening and good people are still trying to make a difference. It also reminds us anyone can be good and anyone can make an impact just as long as they try.

Good news of 2019 with illustrations by Instagram user The Happy Broadcast