We Didn't Pollute Our Forest!

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New Hampshire is the best state.

Not only because we have no sales tax, or because we get the first primary, or because it's one of the most beautiful places on earth, even though that's all true.

We're the best state in the Union because, when the government partially shut down 19 days ago and ceased all financial obligations to America's national parks, New Hampshire residents and our lovely visitors didn't feel the need or desire to throw trash all over White Mountain National Forest.

During the shutdown, national forests like Yosemite and Yellow Stone have suffered defacement, trash overflow, and general upkeep and maintenance issues exacerbated, of course, by people not being respectful enough to carry their trash out with them. But not in the Best State of New Hampshire. According to an NHPR piece aired today, the White Mountains are clean and beautiful thanks to conscientious travellers (and probably the New English cold).

How Is Trump's Shutdown Affecting The White Mountain National Forest?

The ongoing government shutdown has hit many national parks particularly hard. There are reports of trash and lawlessness at Yosemite and elsewhere. NHPR’s

 ( source: White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire )

White Mountain National Forest New Hampshire

Welcome to Yosemite National Park. Mind the trash – and be sure to bury your poop

Poop and trash are dirtying American national parks like Yosemite in California. Due to the federal government shutting down, rangers can’t clean and visitors are littering and not doing their part by burying feces.


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