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We Don't Need Batwoman and We Definitely Don't Need Kristen Stewart

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Another fine example of early-talk news that we have no idea whether it will come to fruition or not. This is me officially saying I hope nothing comes of this.

I've already expressed in the past my thoughts on Batman needing a rest and this extends to the Batman universe in general. The films as of late have been less than stellar and DC has so much material to work with that the caped crusader and Gotham need to be shelved for a while.

We have a Batwoman show on the CW right now and that should be enough, and I don't think it's that popular of a show. This says to me that Batwoman as a character is not enticing enough for most fans, unfortunately. It's just sure to be another DC flop.

I will say I am a little biased because I think Kristen Stewart is not a great actress, but too be fair I haven't given her much of a chance since 'Twilight', and speaking of that movie, I find it oddly suspicious that after casting her very famous ex to play Batman she is now being eyed for the female counterpart. 

Could be a complete coincidence and could be a strategic marketing move by the WB. 

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images