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We Really Did It: There Is an Actual Shortage of White Claws in the United States

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"Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws," became the mantra of the summer as the hard seltzer brand, White Claw, skyrocketed into popularity, especially among millenials. According to nutrition facts, the drink is only 100 calories a can, contains just two grams of carbs, and is gluten-free, so White Claws help those with dietary restrictions have a fun night out. The hard seltzer is also an ideal option for those with financial restrictions, as they are also sold for around $3 a can or $8.99 per six-pack.

As word spread around the Internet, both sincerely and in meme form, consumption of this beverage picked up immensely. Those who weren't drinking White Claws previously now did so, if only to be able to caption Instagram photos, "Claw is the Law." Besides raising some eyebrows from skeptical onlookers, the new swell in White Claw sales wasn't concerning many people. It seemed pretty harmless.

However, Business Insider published an article stating that the manufacturer is struggling to keep White Claws on shelves. The issue varies from shortages to full sell outs in stores nationwide. Consumers, unable to purchase a case at their local liquor or grocery store, are not the only ones upset about these reports; stores that counted on their White Claw sales for business aren't too pleased either.

Sanjiv Gajiwala, Senior Vice President of Marketing at White Claw, emailed a statement to Business Insider, reassuring that they "are working around the clock to increase supply given the rapid growth in consumer demand."

 ( source: Image via Getty/Kristen Norman/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service )

Image via Getty/Kristen Norman/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service