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Website In New Zealand Is Selling The Cheap South Asian "Charpai" For $800 As Vintage Indian Daybed

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A New Zealand-based home decor company is selling a cheap cot, locally known as a “charpai” for $1200.

While many outside South Asia are unfamiliar with the concept, a “charpai” is a traditional jute-woven bed that typically costs around Rs. 2000 - 4000 (approximately USD 20) in India and Pakistan. But Annabelle, the store in question, is selling the charpai for an astonishing price of $800 (after discount) (approximately 95,000 rupees). Not only that, it has labelled the cot as a “vintage Indian daybed” to capture the fancy of potential customers.

While not much is written about the product on the website, except it is “original” and “one of a kind”, it has suppliers all over Asia, India and the Middle East, reports Indian Express. The publication also reported that this is not the first time that a charpai has been sold online. Earlier a similar advertisement selling a charpai had gone viral on social media.

In the advertisement, the jute bed was being described as a “traditional Indian daybed”, and was being sold at a whopping $990. The advertisement also claimed that the product was “100% Australian made”.

Unsurprisingly the posting by Annabelle has become a subject for memes. It’s inspiring jokes and comments all over social media. Some people on the internet even claim that they make the “charpai” at home, at a cost no bigger than 10 dollars.