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Wedding Questions Answered: Advice From a Florist

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I count myself extremely fortunate to have a florist in my immediate family. My mother was a professional florist for 20 years, so when I came to her for advice about my wedding flowers, she was happy to oblige. I've also been given permission to share her knowledge with you all! So here it is, your floral questions answered (answers paraphrased from my full conversation with permission):

Q: How do you keep your floral plan budget-friendly?

A: You can save money by choosing flowers that are in season. You might love roses, but if they're not in season, you could spend a bundle on them-- and they might not look so fresh. You'll also want to consider limiting the number of arrangements you order: it's tempting to get corsages for every aunt and cousin, but you'll spend a lot doing that. On that note, consider limiting the amount of attendants (your bridesmaids and groomsmen) in your party.

Q: Do I have to have fresh flowers for my wedding? Can I use silk ones?

A: Lots of people choose to use silk flowers for the event, but make sure you purchase the high-quality ones. Silk flowers are a good choice for anyone who wants to keep the arrangements and have them look perfect forever, but the good ones that look realistic often cost a lot more than fresh flowers. 

Q: What flowers are good for most occasions?

A: Alstroemeria, Carnations, Daisies, and Mums are usually readily available, they generally come in many colors, and are hardy enough to accommodate more locations and temperatures. If a flower you love doesn't come in the color you want, be flexible and consider alternative, contrasting colors.

So it looks like I need to do some more research to pick my perfect flowers! If you're planning a wedding, too, let me know in the comments!

Photo: Pixabay